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Why is it great?

Cycling is a sport that you can enjoy forever!  Have you ever noticed that other sports use cycling as their rehabilitation once you’re injured?  Cycling has been shown to reduce stress and improve mental health, build bones and cardiovascular fitness, improve mobility and strength, let alone loose weight.  Incorporating this sport into a lifestyle will build success at all levels.


What is high School MTB Racing?

This sport has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade.  Many families have discovered this after their son or daughter was injured in another sport, or they became disenchanted with the lack of sportsmanship with a mainstream sport. 

Safety is top priority


The goal is to cycle forever, so join the WyoX team to learn confident bike handling skills!

About Us



2010 – Season 1 = 194 Total Riders -165 Male Riders – 29 Female Riders, 15% – 20 Teams

2018 – Season 9 = 1,383 Riders – 1,116 Male Riders – 314 Female Riders, 23% – 76 Teams

2013-2018: 426 Legacy Riders participated from 9th-12th grade.  Race every year in high school and you’ll be a Legacy Rider!



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